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Creating a steady flow of students enrolling for the classes is the key to become successful in tutoring business. You may be an already established tutor or someone just starting the tutoring business, but the challenge is same. Your tuition advertisement strategy must be effective to reach the right audience (students or parents) and produce a steady flow of leads for your business.

Now discover how you can accurately reach your potential target audience, grow your business and then, dominate your market!

The Target Audience

The target market can be different for different segments of tutoring business. For some it will be parents who are frustrated by their child’s academic performance in school or just want to give some additional help to their children. For another segment it will be the students themselves who look for help. And for some it can be a mix of both.

The selection of your advertising channels should be based on your target audience. And your advertising message must be appealing to this audience segments. The success of your tuition advertisement depends of this.

The Challenge

No matter the location or subjects that you teach, competition in tutoring business will be huge.  If you want to make your presence felt in a cluttered market, your tuition advertisement channel selection and ad creation must be spot-on.

Time to Change Outdated Advertising Techniques

Do you still depend on school visits, personnel contacts, business cards, newspaper ads and flyers as your primary advertising channels?

All these methods still have their own value in tuition business development. But in the changed world you cannot win the tuition advertising war with these outdated advertising techniques alone.

The way how people find information has fundamentally changed recently.

The Emergence of Digital mediums and channels

The expansion of internet, social media and mobile devices has completely changed the way how information is found, shared and consumed across the globe. Now people use digital channels to find information. Your target audience, parents, family members or students are no exception.

Now people use search engines to find a service that they are interested in, rather than going through the entire classified sections in newspapers. The changed media consumption habits should be considered when you finalise your tuition advertisement strategies.

Create Your Digital Presence First

Create your website – Once you decide to promote your tutoring business online, the first step is creating your digital business identity, which is your website. You can also start with a simple landing page and later create your full-fledged website if you want. You need a website or landing page where people can find additional information about your services and make their decisions. Your website should be optimized for mobile devices and it should load fast. Search engines and visitors both love mobile friendly fast loading websites.

Build Your Website for Lead Generation

Use design, content, images and call to actions on the landing page intelligently to encourage lead generation. Use a simple lead generation form. Lengthy forms with lots of fields can discourage visitors from contacting you.

Attract Potential Clients to Your Website

The best way to ensure instant flow of potential customers to your website is pay per click (PPC) ads on search engines (Google AdWords & Bing) or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

SEO and traditional Social Media Optimization are other ways to attract visitors to your website, but both these processes require longer time to be effective. You can use both these as part of your long term traffic generation strategy.

Creating a Strategy for Long Term Success

Search Engine Marketing – Reach potential customers at the right time with the right message

Pay per click ads on search engines has a peculiar advantage.

On a search engine your ad will be displayed when someone actively searches for the service that you want to advertise. Your tuition ad will be displayed in front of people who actively search for that service. The intent behind the search and discovery will be so strong; it will be easy for you to convince your potential customers with the right ad message. You can use Google Ads and Bing platforms.

On the other hand, paid ad on social media channels like Facebook is more about ‘discovery’ without search. There you can reach your potential customers with advanced targeting options like age, gender, parental status and more. Facebook ads will be an excellent choice in tuition advertising.

Use Location Targeting Effectively

Google Ads, Bing or Facebook, all platforms offer tight location targeting options. Choose the right options and restrict your tuition advertisement within the targeted locations.

Create a Device Specific Strategy

For the first time in history, now mobile searches are more than desktop searches. So a mobile oriented device specific (computers, tablets & mobile devices) strategy is important for long term success. Platforms like Google Ads offers advanced device specific targeting options. Use advanced tools in Google Ads to generate maximum call conversions for your business. Create ads suitable for specific devices.

Don’t restrict yourself to text ads – Use Multiple Ad Formats

Many advertisers are only aware of text ads in search results. But a lot more options are available on channels like Google Display Network. These additional options are more important for tuition advertisement due to the diversity of the target audience (parents and students).

Use videos and image (banner) ads as part of your advertising strategy. Advertise on selected popular websites or show your ads next to related and relevant content on other websites.

The young audience will be very much interested in online videos. Use video advertising, as part of your tuition advertisement strategy. Advertise on email channels to reach more mature ‘parents’ category. You can also use interest and topic based advertising.

Use Remarketing

More than 90% of visitors don’t covert to leads during their first visit to a website. Remarketing is a great way to re-engage this audience. Remarketing lets you show your ads to people who previously visited your website, when they visit other websites. Use custom ads and diverse ad formats to connect with your previous visitors and convert them to valuable leads.

Advantages of Digital Advertising

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is its measurability. You can precisely measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You can increase or decrease spend on different advertising channels and ad formats, based on results. When you want more visibility for your ads during a specific month or time of the year, you can increase your budget. You can reduce it later when you want to limit your advertising.

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