Callout Extensions – Implementation and Best Practices

Callout extensions

Callout extensions are additional text that shows with your Google search ads, highlighting specific information about your products and services.

Callout extensions – Technical Requirements and Features

Callout Extensions – Best Practices

How is it different from Google Ads Sitelink extensions?

Sitelink extensions will show links to specific pages on your website beneath the text ad. A major criterion in creation the sitelink is that, each sitelink must point to a different page. You cannot use landing page or same content to create different Sitelinks.

This was a big drawback for campaigns which used a specifically designed single page landing pages. Without additional links to use as sitelinks, these campaigns were not able to add sitelinks. The effect of this was big as Google used the impact of ad extensions in Quality Score calculation.

How callout extensions are different?

The biggest difference is that, you don’t need a link or URL to create these extensions. You can just add a phrase or information as a callout extension without associating a URL with it.

The introduction of callout extensions will be a big relief for campaigns which were earlier couldn’t create sitelink extensions because of the ‘specific’ URL restriction.

Don’t forget to use Callout Extensions

Using callout extension is a great way to enhance your ads. When you consider the impact it makes in getting more clicks, improving your CTR, quality score and ad rank, this is one extension that you need to use without fail in all your campaigns.

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