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Google Tag Manager Implementation Services

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM?

Google tag manager or GTM is a Tag Management System that will allow you to manage all your tag implementation from one centralized account.

There are different ways to implement tracking codes on your website. Many website developers add tracking codes directly to the website source code. Some use a tag management system like Google Tag Manager to deploy the tracking codes.

Advantages of Google Tag Manager

google tag manager implementation

Using GTM to manage your tag implementation has many advantages.

1. The traditional way of adding the tracking codes directly to the website source code is not a good practice as it will slow down the website.
2. Using GTM will help you to manage all tracking tags from a single, centralized account.
3. The entire tag implementation works through the base GTM codes. So, once you add the GTM code to the website, you don’t need IT team support to add additional tracking codes.
4. Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google. It is highly reliable and perfectly suits modern tracking requirements.
5. GTM has built-in templates for different tracking codes. Using these templates simplifies the whole tag implementation process.
6. You can customize tracking codes with Google Tag Manager. With customization, you can collect additional tracking information from your tracking codes.
7. You can share GTM account access within your team. Collaboration within the team will be easy.
8. Google tag manager provides a preview and debugging mode. You can test and correct the mistakes during your tracking code implementation process.

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Google Tag Manager is Not Google Analytics!


People often confuse GTM with Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager is only your tag management system. With Google Tag Manager, you can implement and manage your tracking codes from one single account.

If you want to track website traffic and user behavior on your website, you need to use Google Analytics. Create a Google Analytics account and deploy the tracking code using GTM. You will get web analytics data and reports in your Google Analytics account.

GA4 Migration or Account Set Up – The Right Time to Use GTM

Google will shut down current universal analytics properties on July 01, 2023. Businesses need to migrate the GA4 to stop any data disruption.

GA4 migration is a great time to re-evaluate your tracking needs and switch to GTM for code implementation and management.

What type of Codes Can You Deploy with Google Tag Manager?

google -tag-manager-integration

And many more.

What Can You Track with the Help of Google Tag Manager?

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Form fill goal conversions
  3. Google Ads conversions
  4. Facebook ads conversions
  5. Phone call tracking
  6. Video play interaction tracking
  7. Website event tracking
  8. Cross-domain tracking
  9. Scroll tracking
  10. Button clicks

And much more.

Our GTM Consultation & Integration Services

  1. Measurement & tracking consultation.
  2. New GTM account creation & tagging migration
  3. GTM account audit & optimization
  4. GA4 migration and account set up with GTM

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