Types of Google Ads

Use the right ad types.Reach the right customers

Types of Google Ads -Overview

Lots of people still thinks the only type of Google ad available is ‘text ads’.

That assumption is not correct.

Google Ads offer different ad types to target different customer segments.

Based on the product or service that you sell and your target audience, you can select any of these ad types in your campaign.

  1. Text ads (Responsive search ads)
  2. Dynamic search ads
  3. Display image or banner ads
  4. Responsive display ads
  5. App promotion ads
  6. Video ads
  7. Shopping ads
  8. Call-only ads
  9. Local campaigns.
  10. Performance Max campaigns (PMax)
  11. Discovery campaigns

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Why Is It Important to Use Different Types of Google Ads in Your campaigns?

Select the Google ad type based on your campaign goal.

If you want immediate response from people clicking on your ads like leads then text ads will be the best ad type for you. But if you want to sell products then shopping ads will be a better option.

When you are looking for branding or creating awareness about your business, video ads or image ads will be the ideal option as it will help you to reach more customers than search.

Select the ad based on your product or service

Google Ads offer special ad types for specific product types

Think you want to promote your new mobile app. Text, display or video ads can help you here. But a better option will be App promotion campaigns, which combines the power of these three ad formats to promote your mobile app.

Based on different stages of buying cycle

Using different ad types is a great way to reach customers in different stages of their buying cycle.

A video ad can help you to get your customer’s attention first. A display image ad on another website may get them interested in your product or service. You can then reach them with a text ad when their desire is high and they actively search for the product or service that you sell.

And then a remarketing ad can guide them to take a desired action on your website and close the sale.

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Ad Types Available on Different Google Ads Networks

Search Network – Text Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Call-Only Ads

Text Ads (Responsive search Ads)

Dynamic Search Ads

Display Network – Responsive display ads, image ads (Banner Ads), Video Ads & Rich Media Ads

Remarketing Campaigns– Responsive Display Ads, Custom Image Ads

There are different type of remarketing – Display, Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), dynamic remarketing, video remarketing and remarketing for mobile apps.

App promotion ads

Video ads on YouTube

Using videos in your marketing can give massive lift to your conversion rates. The combination of sight, sound & movement can present a story for customers and prospects that words just can’t express. Increase brand awareness, generate more leads and sell more products with video advertising.

And the most important factor – the reach of your ads. Engage your potential customers on any device. Be it computer, tab or mobile devices. YouTube has a variety of targeting options that can help you reach the right customer for your business. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

Shopping Ads

If you are an e-commerce vendor and interested to sell products online, this is the ad type for you. Shopping ads will have an image of your product, title, price and store name. This visual format is an amazing way to attract potential customers.

Types-of-Google-Ads-Shopping-AdsCall-Only Campaigns

If getting calls from your ads is your primary objective, then call-only ad is for you. When someone taps a call only ad, the user is prompted to make a call directly to your business from their mobile phone.

Performance Max Campaigns

A Performance Max campaign will help you to reach potential customers across all of Google’s channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. It will help you to get results based on your specified conversion goals.

performance max campaigns

Where do the ads show?

Based on you campaign and ad type selections, your ads can show in

And your ads will appear on any device type – desktop or laptops, tablets or mobile devices.

Enhance Your Ads with Suitable Ad Extensions

Google Ads can be further enhanced with ad extensions. Ad extensions add additional content with your ads that is relevant to your business. This additional information includes phone numbers, additional links to different parts of your website, location information of your website and more.

Ad extensions are not just mere decorations. They are powerful tools to engage your most potential customers.

Google Ads Ad Extensions

Location Extensions

An excellent option if you want to more people to visit your local store. Location extension will add your business address, a map to your location and your phone number to your ads.

Call Extensions

Add your business phone number as a call extension.

Affiliate Location Extensions

If you sell your products in retail chain stores, use this extension. It will help users to find your products near them.

Callout Extensions

Add your unique selling points as callout extensions, like ‘free shipping’. This is an excellent way to include more information with your ads, which will attract more customers.

Sitelink Extensions

With sitelink extensions, you can show addition links to specific pages of your website with your ad.

Structured Snippet Extensions

You can include specific aspects of your business like ‘Services’ ‘amenities’, ‘brands’ or ‘styles’ with your ads. This will help potential customers to find more information about your products or services.

Price Extensions

Display specific price of your product or service with your ads.

Promotion Extensions

Use promotion extension if you want to promote specific offers in your ads. You can also highlight the occasion of the offer with promotion extension, like ‘Black Friday’ or ‘New Year’. This is a great way to highlight a special offer.

App Extensions

Use this extension with your ad if you want to encourage people to download your mobile app.

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