GA4 Audit & Optimization

Test the Accuracy of your current implementation.

GA4 Audit Services to Ensure Accurate Measurement

We provide GA4 audit services to ensure your GA4 setup is optimized, to help your business grow.

As a business, if you want to measure, analyze, and optimize user behavior on your website, then Google Analytics is the ideal solution for you.

The next generation of Google Analytics, called Google Analytics 4 or GA4, is now available to everyone.

Using Google Analytics data to optimize your website will work best when you have a measurement plan aligned with your business goals. The tracking implementation must be correct & the collected data must be accurate.

Recent studies have revealed that nearly 90% of the current Google Analytics accounts are affected by wrong configurations and inaccurate data.

Google Analytics 4 Account Audit – Why is it Important?

Just creating your GA4 properties is not enough. The property configuration must be suitable for your business needs. And the data collected must be accurate.

  1. As you make decisions to optimize your website and business based on the data in your GA4 property, data accuracy plays a crucial role in helping you to make correct decisions.
  2. Accurate conversion tracking is crucial as this will help you to measure and optimize your marketing channels effectively.
  3. GA4 comes with predictive analytics capabilities. The predictions will work well only when the collected data in the property is accurate.
  4. Without custom audience creation, you will not be able to use analytics audiences in your ad campaigns.

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Planning Your GA4 Property Audit

ga4 audit services

You should consider auditing your GA4 account if;

  1. Your Google Analytics 4 property is new. You want an expert to audit it and ensure the configuration is correct.
  2. You don’t trust the data in your GA4 account. You think the tracking is not accurate.
  3. You are running a lot of ad campaigns. But you don’t know which campaign is working.
  4. You want to track more KPIs in your GA4 property. Before that, you want to evaluate the current setup.
  5. You are re-evaluating the current measurement plan and are interested to know about new measurement opportunities.

Our In-Depth Google Analytics 4 Audit Process for Success

To ensure your GA4 property setup is accurate, we will check the following;

  1. You have a measurement plan that is suitable to achieve your business objectives.
  2. Your plan includes tracking the main KPIs of your business.
  3. Your tracking code (tag) implementation is accurate.
  4. Data collection accuracy.
  5. Google Analytics feature usage.
  6. You are excluding irrelevant traffic from the reports.
  7. Your data stream setup is correct.
  8. Custom audience creation is enabled.
  9. Conversion tracking events set up is as per the measurement plan.
  10. Tracking opportunities.
  11. Other Google product integration with GA4.

Our GA4 Audit Services to Grow Your Business

ga4 audit services and optimization

An in-depth GA4 audit is the first step. We will then share a detailed audit report with our recommendations to optimize the GA4 property.

We will then optimize your GA4 property as per the suggestions and the new measurement plan.

On-going support will be available as per your measurement requirements.

GA4 Optimization Services to Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Leave your competition behind with accurate measurement and business intelligence in your GA4 property.

Our GA4 optimization service will ensure;

  1. Your measurement plan is suited for your business requirements.
  2. Your tag implementation is accurate.
  3. Your GA4 property configuration is as per industry best practices.
  4. Accurate goal conversion tracking.
  5. You are tracking all the major KPIs.
  6. Data validation and quality checks.

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