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What are the basic requirements to start a Google Ads campaign?


It is simple. You must have a legitimate business. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and all Google advertising policies. We can’t advertise a product or service that is against local laws or Google Ads policies.

You should also have a business website or a landing page.

What will be a good advertising budget?


Your Google Ads budget should be decided after considering the average cost per click in your industry and the search volume in your targeted area. Average CPC depends on your targeting country and business type. You can start with a small initial budget, but it should be enough to produce results that are statistically significant.

How I will be charged?


Google Ads follows pay per click advertising model. You will only pay for the click, when someone click your ad and visit your website.

So, you can start advertising with a fixed monthly advertising budget, that you are comfortable with.

Our monthly campaign management fee will be extra.

How long it will take to start advertising?


The usual time required is 2-3 business days, after the first month campaign management fee is paid. If your business requires more complex campaign implementation, then additional time may be required. This will be communicated to you at the time of campaign planning.

Can I increase or decrease my budget after starting the campaigns?


Yes you can change your budget as per your business requirements.

Do I need to sign long term contract?


No you don’t have to sign long term contracts.

Is it possible run a campaign on specific days in a week?


Yes, we can schedule to run your ads on specific days of a week or a specific time of a day.

Is it a good practice to link Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts?


Absolutely. Google Analytics is a free service, and linking Google Ads and analytics will help you to evaluate paid search user behaviour with in-depth reports. You can also analyse marketing effectiveness by comparing paid search traffic data with other channels like organic, social or referral.

Are you Google Certified?


Yes. Your campaign will be managed by a Google Ads & Microsoft Ads certified professional.

Which type of ad is best for my business?


The ad types and channel selection will be based on your target customers and marketing goals. We will discuss about this in detail during our consultation.

My customers are in another country. How can we reach them when they are abroad?


We can run Google Ads campaigns abroad with a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums.

A lot of people use mobile phones to search for products and services. Do my ads will be visible on mobile devices?


Yes, your ads will be available to all customers on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile device.

What are the advantages of working with a Google certified professional?


A Google certified professional will be up-to-date with the latest changes & features in Google Ads. We create and manage Google Ads campaigns as per Google best practices, producing best results for our clients.

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