Google Analytics 4 Set Up

We will set up & configure your GA4 property as per your measurement needs.

GA4 Account Set Up to Future Proof Your Business.

Google will sunset the present form of Google Analytics called Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. After that date, Google Analytics 4 or GA4 will be the only solution for business owners. So, you need to complete your Google Analytics 4 set up as early as possible.

Setting Up Google Analytics 4 the Right Way

Setting up the new GA4 property is a great opportunity for businesses to revisit their tracking needs and current implementation strategy. Rather than following the current measurement plan, think about the future of your business. Then create a new measurement plan that is aligned with your specific business needs.

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A good website measurement plan should help you to;

  1. Collect accurate data about your website traffic
  2. Give a clear picture of user interactions on your website
  3. Track important actions on the site as conversions
  4. Give clarity on the performance of different traffic channels

Your Google Analytics 4 account setup must be customized, as per your measurement requirements.

google analytics 4 set up

Our Google Analytics 4 Set Up Process for Business Growth

We will analyze your tracking requirements first and create a measurement and implementation strategy. We will then create a new Google Analytics 4 property for you as per your specific business needs.

Stage 1

During the initial stage, we will evaluate;

  1. Your business and website
  2. Actual measurement requirements
  3. Present Google Analytics account setup
  4. Present tag implementation

Stage 2

  1. Measurement requirement evaluation
  2. Create a new measurement plan or modify the current one as per requirement.

Stage 3

  1. New Google Analytics 4 account or property creation
  2. Data stream setup
  3. Tracking code implementation

Stage 4

  1. Property configuration as per industry best practices
  2. Goal conversion tracking setup
  3. Custom audience creation
  4. Data hygiene configurations
  5. Google Ads and search console integration
  6. Data validation and quality assurance

google analytics 4 set up process

Why is it Important to Set Up GA4 Now?

  1. All current Universal Analytics properties will be going away in 2023. Google Analytics 4 will be the official and only Google Analytics solution available for businesses.
  2. Setting up GA4 properties now will help you to gather historical data long before the sunset of present Universal Analytics properties.
  3. There is no way to migrate the data from your Universal Analytics properties to Google Analytics 4 property. So, it is important to set up your GA4 property as early as possible.

Your Future Success Depends on a Well Planned GA4 Implementation

As GA4 is the future of Google Analytics, it is important to set it up as per industry best practices. The initial configurations will dictate the accuracy of the data tracked in your new GA4 property.

Here are some mistakes that can impact your data quality and future success.

  1. Incorrect tag implementation
  2. Not selecting the correct property configurations
  3. Not setting up data hygiene selections
  4. Not linking your GA4 account with other relevant Google products like Google Ads
  5. Not creating custom audiences for effective remarketing
  6. Not setting up conversion tracking to measure performance

But Don’t Worry, We Have Got You Covered

 Planning Your Google Analytics 4 Set Up

First, we will create a custom measurement plan specific to your business requirements. We will then set up your GA4 account based on that plan, as per industry best practices.

Then your new Google Analytics 4 property will be configured as per your new measurement plan. We will the conduct and audit to ensure data accuracy and quality.

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