Google Ads Account Audit

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Google Ads Account Audit

What is the purpose of a Google Ads account audit?

You may decide to have a thorough Google Ads account audit or review for any of these reasons.

    1. You are not getting expected results from your campaigns.
    2. You want someone else to check the efficiency of your (or your client’s) present campaigns and suggest steps to improve it.
    3. You created your campaign long time ago. You want to check how efficient it is now.
    4. An external consultant or agency is managing your Google Ads account. And you want to evaluate current campaign performance.
    5. You want to find new growth opportunities and expand your campaigns.

What is your challenge?

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The Robust 4 Step Google Ads Account Audit Process

  1. Understanding your business objectives – And target audience.

Many account audits miss the mark mainly because they concentrate solely on your present campaigns.

Your campaign goals must be aligned with your business goals.

The person auditing your account must know about your business goals and target audience. Without that knowledge, it is impossible to evaluate your present campaigns and create a plan of action to improve performance.

  1. Complete audit of your Google Ads account.

We will do a thorough review of your entire account and we will check

  1. Current settings, structure and state of the campaigns.
  2. What is working well in the campaigns
  3. What is not working or what needs to be fixed
  4. How to reduce non profitable spend and increase efficiency.
  5. New opportunities for growth.
  1. A detailed audit report – With an action plan for improvement.

The audit report will include step by step review of each part of the account. And there will be suggestions and steps to improve every aspect of your Google Ads account.

  1. Get real value – Find new growth opportunities within your Google Ads campaigns.

Unfortunately many account reviews lack real value as they concentrate only on your current campaigns and their performance.

Finding flaws in your current campaigns and correcting them is important for your business success. But it is also important to find new opportunities in your Google Ads account if you want to grow your business.

Over the last couple of years the Google Ads platform underwent a complete overhaul. Now there are new campaigns and ad types. And new tools to more efficiently reach your target audience.

Our audit report will have a separate section about new opportunities for your business. Opportunities that are currently overlooked or new ideas to enhance and grow your business.

Basic Google Ads Audit Check List

An audit finds answers to specific questions about each part of the account.

Some of the basic checks in our audit process includes,

Our Unique Approach

100% manual review – no scripts or automated tools.

100% customized solutions – You will get suggestions based on your unique business requirements and marketing goals.

100% actionable suggestions – You will know what to do and how to do it. And more importantly you will know why you need to make a specific change.

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What’s Next?

With the help of our audit report you can now optimize your Google Ads campaigns and improve performance. If you need, we will also help you in,

  1. Making the suggested changes – one time optimization – For a fixed fee.
  2. Make the suggested changes and then the on-going management of your Google ads account for a fixed monthly fee.

Conversion Rate Optimization Service

Sometimes there cab be external factors which can influence the success of your Google Ads campaign. You may have good campaigns but the campaign performance and results can be affected by,

  1. Technical & design aspects of your website – Things like design and speed of your site can have a big impact on campaign performance. If your site is slow to load, the campaign performance will be terrible as people hate slow loading websites.
  2. Nature of your business – For example, you may have a very niche business and a very limited target audience.
  3. High cost per click –Some industries are affected by very high cost per click. You need special strategies for success.
  4. Your competitors – You may be competing with very large multi-national corporations or big brands.
  5. Your price and offers – Sometimes your price may be a factor restricting your success. You may be giving a superior product or service. But if you fail to bring that information to your customer’s attention, then that will adversely affect your campaign results.

If your campaign is affected buy any of these factors, then you will need a long term digital marketing and business strategy to eliminate these problems and grow your business.

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