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Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are next generation mobile friendly ads coming to AdWords. From 31st January, 2017, advertisers will not be able to create present standard text ads in AdWords. Current text ads need to be replaced by expanded text ads in all AdWords accounts in the coming days.

What is the difference between standard text ads and expanded text ads (ETA)?

Current standard text ad format is as below.

1 title (max 25 characters long)

2 description lines (each description max 35 characters, 70 characters in total)

Display URL (max 35 characters)

New Expanded Text Ad (ETA) format

2 Titles (instead of 1 title in standard text ads) (each title can have 30 characters, 60 characters together)

1 description line (max 80 characters)

No display URL needs to be specified. AdWords will use the domain in the final URL of new expanded text ad as display URL domain.

2 paths (15 characters max). The text specified in path field will be added with your display URL.

Things to consider during AdWords Expanded Text Ad migration

When changing from normal text ads in AdWords to expanded text ads advertisers should consider these things.

  1. The biggest change is the second headline and the extra characters available (from 25 to 60 characters in title, 70 to 80 characters in description and two paths in display URL allowing 30 more characters, other than the domain name). Advertisers need to utilize these extra characters carefully and effectively to connect with their customers.
  2. Now there are 2 titles. Adding just another title to your present text ad will not work in most cases as the overall ‘messaging’ has to be consistent, taking all parts of the new ad in to consideration.
  3. Now the entire ad – titles, description, display URL paths and more importantly ad extensions, works as a unit. So consideration using the right ad extensions and avoid duplication, which can impact visibility of your ad extensions.
  4. Use multiple expanded text ad variations in your ad group and test to find better performing ads.

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