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Are you interested in Kerala real estate lead generation?

Lead generation is a tough task. Real estate lead generation is one of the toughest.

Don’t lose heart. You can reach your most potential customers with well-planned digital marketing campaigns. And you can generate high quality leads.

In this post you are going to learn:


Like anywhere else in the world, Kerala real estate market is also full of options for any budget. The options in front of the customer is so diverse and vast, it is very difficult for them to make a choice.

If you are a builder or real estate agent, how will you present your project in front of these customers and make them choose your project from the multiple options?

What is Important for a Kerala Real Estate Buyer?


Without any doubt the first consideration for a real estate buyer is the location. Now the charm is not limited to major cities like Kochi, Thiruvanathapuram, or Kozhikode All most every part of Kerala is now offering high quality living spaces to real estate buyers. Cities like Kannur, Thrissur and Kottayam is also experiencing exponential growth in real estate projects.

Unit specification

Unit specification (Villa, 4 BHK, 3 BHK, 2 BHK) is another major factor during the complex real estate buying process. The unit specification directly influences another major factor, which is price.


A quick search for an ‘apartment in kochi’ on Google gave an incredible price range. Starting from a 2BHK apartment for Rs.31.4 Lakhs to a 4BHK apartment for Rs.2.31Crore.

How will you help a buyer to make the purchase decision from this price range based on the quality of your project?

The answer to this question can be the key to a successful lead generation campaign!

Amenities, Accessibility and Neighbourhood

These are additional considerations for home buyers. The proximity of the property to work locations, schools, hospitals, transport facilities, shopping malls, food courts and cinemas can play major roles during the purchase decision process.

Amenities with the property are another vital part. Gym swimming pool, children’s play area, jogging track, tennis courts, mini theatre the list goes on. These facilities can also make huge differences in justifying the price tag of a property.


And now the most important factor,

The builder and the brand

This can be the most decisive factor for a home buyer. The reputation of the builder, based on the quality of their past projects and their goodwill in the market influences a lot of purchases.

But in a crowded market with multiple options there is one more thing that decides a winner.

The ability of the brand or builder to reach the most potential customers on multiple touch points during the purchase journey.

It could be print, TV, outdoor advertising or digital marketing channels. But showcasing your project in front of the most potential customer at the right time is the most crucial part in lead generation.

Kerala Real Estate Buyer Segments

Buying the ‘Dream Home’ for family is one of the most influential emotional factors during a purchase decision. These first time home buyers are one of the most important buyer segment.

Real estate is also a better investment opportunity for the future. And many buyers are realising this. These ‘investors’ are another important segment.

These ‘buyers’ and ‘investors’ not only live in Kerala, but these people are scattered across the globe.

There are three different buyer segments based on location.

  1. People within Kerala
  2. People outside Kerala but within India
  3. People outside India

How can a builder or a property owner reach these potential customers?

Why Property Lead Generation is a Tough Challenge?

There are many reasons;

  1. The decision making is a complex process. There are multiple factors which plays a part. This can be anything from price, value for money and emotional factors.
  2. For many, this is an investment of a lifetime. It can be a decision that could shape rest of their life. So people think a lot before reaching a decision.
  3. Available options are too many. It will be very difficult for a first time home buyer to make a decision from the diverse options available in the market.
  4. Trust is a major factor. The heavy price tags in this segment warrant high trust signals from sellers. Buyers will only invest when they find a reliable builder.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in Kerala Real Estate Lead Generation?

Using traditional real estate marketing channels like print or television will help a builder to reach many prospects from the segments mentioned above. But in the long run it will not be viable to engage prospects only through these channels.

The way people find and use information has changed forever. Now most of the population depends on the internet and digital mediums to find information.

It could be for ordering their next meal or finding their new home!

So if you are interested in generating leads for your property in Kerala, it’s time for you to invest in digital marketing.

And if you are already investing in this medium, you should review and fine tune your strategy to improve results.

Digital Marketing Channels Available for Builders, Brokers and Agents

There are multiple options like paid ads, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and content marketing.

You can use your website to generate high quality leads from prospective buyers. Attracting potential buyers to your website is the first challenge.

Search engine optimization and content marketing can bring great results, but it is a long term strategy. Search engine optimization requires long time to be effective. So if you are looking for instant results you will be disappointed.

The biggest challenge in content marketing is creating authentic and credible content, which can be expensive and time consuming. Due to the advanced spam controlling regulations and new spam filtering software, it is very difficult to effectively do e-mail marketing now. Social media marketing needs constant attention and resources.

If you are looking for fast results, then the best channel for Kerala real estate lead generation is paid ads. Pay per click programs like Google Ads and Bing advertising.

You can also use Facebook paid promotions and LinkedIn ads.

Get Instant Measurable Results with Paid Ad Campaigns

Running an advertising campaign on Google or Bing can give instant results. This advertising channel has many advantages which no other advertising channel can offer.

What is the Market Potential?

Just have a look at the monthly search volume of some of the most important keywords in Kerala real estate segment.

Now think about the chance to show your ads in front of these may prospects, every month!

Keyword India UAE US
flats in kochi 1900 140 70
apartments in kochi 1300 50 70
flats in trivandrum 1900 110 40
apartments in trivandrum 1600 40 40
flats in calicut 1000 50 20
apartments in calicut 720 20 20
Villas in kochi 1300 170 90

Campaign Types and Ad Formats that You Can Use for Kerala Real Estate Lead Generation

Where your ads will appear?

Your ads will appear in search results, other websites which is part of Google & Bing display network and even on Gmail & YouTube.

Example – Text ads in search results


What are the available ad types?

You can use multiple ad formats, text ads, image ads and video ads.

Text ads appear as search results.

Image or banner ads appear on other websites. You can target specific websites, specific content, topic or interest of audience.

Remarketing ads will help you to target people who previously visited your website when they browse through other websites, which is part of the display network.

Video ads are another great opportunity. The combination of sound, visuals and motion can help you to attract potential buyers. Running video ads is also a great tool in branding.

What will be the reach of your ads?

You can reach customers in any country in the world. And on any device they use; computers, laptops, tablets or on mobile devices.

How much I need to invest?

That depends on where you want advertise (in your city, across India or abroad) and which type of ad format you want to use (text, banner or video)

How to Start

The only requirement is a good website and advertising budget. You can even start your campaigns by creating a good landing page.

If you want to know more about landing page best practices, check this post.

Many builders in Kerala have very good websites, but they don’t have the technical expertise to effectively advertise their business on Google and other search engines. You can get professional help to run your ads on search engines.

Don’t miss the chance to use this amazing marketing channel to generate high quality Kerala real estate leads.

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