The Hidden Costs of Cheap, Unprofessional Google Ads Management

Cheap Google Ads Management

Price is a crucial factor in any purchase decision. The ‘value for money’ consideration weighs heavily during any purchase. Price comparison is unavoidable during any purchase process.

Price comparison is easier when you are buying a product. As comparing the features and quality of products with one another is easy.

But when it comes to services, it is hard to find the difference in quality between two service providers till you experience it after the purchase. And it is a lot more difficult when you are unaware of the hidden costs behind the low price.

In Google Ads management, there are many pricing models in the market. Some will manage the campaigns for a fixed monthly fee & others can charge a certain percentage of monthly ad spend. There is also a third hybrid model with a mix of these two.

And there are service providers who work on fixed hourly fees.

Let’s take the example of a fixed monthly fee. You are discussing your Google Ads management project with two different service providers. One is offering you to manage the campaigns for $500 per month & another is offering a fixed fee of $100 per month. What will you do then?

How will you decide to hire one of these to manage your campaigns?

In most cases, the price will be the deciding factor & the one offering $100 per month for their services will get hired.

Looking for the cheapest price during the purchase process is not a bad thing.

But it is always important to know why such a price difference exists.

Asking the following questions will give you better guidance during your decision-making process;

  1. What is the total experience of your service provider in managing Google Ads campaigns? Is he offering the lower price because of his lack of experience?
  2. Can he show reviews or references from previous clients?
  3. With the $100 fee, how much time will he spend on creating and managing the campaigns?
  4. Will he implement accurate conversion tracking to measure campaign performance?
  5. What will be the KPIs & what will be the time frame to achieve campaign goals?
  6. What will be the long-term campaign strategy?
  7. Will he provide Google Analytics support to measure campaign performance?
  8. Will he help in website improvement and conversion rate optimization?
  9. Will he provide weekly and monthly campaign performance reports?

Analyze the answers from both service providers. The one offered the services for $100 & one who quoted $500. The answers will give you enough clues to make the right hiring decision.

Usually, cheap, unprofessional Google Ads campaign management comes with the following hidden costs;

  1. Budget lost in wasted spend – Because of flawed keyword selection, match types, lack of negative keywords, wrong targeting & more.
  2. Below-par campaign performance.
  3. Less number of leads.
  4. Low quality of leads
  5. Lost sales.
  6. No campaign tracking, making it impossible to measure campaign results.
  7. Missed business growth opportunities

A high price is not a guarantee of good campaign management or better results. But make sure you are not missing incredible business growth opportunities just because of low-quality Google Ads management.

Ask the screening questions mentioned above during your hiring process & make sure you are hiring the best available talent at the right price.

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